Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's in a name?

As I contemplated a name for my tri-lingual Asian American greeting card line, I toyed with a number of alliterative options relating to my respective identities. When my younger brother shared the latest "Fung Bros Food" video about Chiu Chow food, it struck me that our traditional way to identify kindred people, "Ga gi nang," would be a fitting tribute. Keeping true to my multi-cultural experience, the "Ga Gi Nang Greetings" name written in English, surrounding the Chinese character for my Vietnamese last name, Tran, comprises the card line's logo.

Check out the video below, and get a gander at all the great cuisine our Chiu Chow culture boasts. Thanks for the inspiration and for shining a spotlight on ga gi nang, Fung Bros!


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